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This is a site overview for Cathy's Music LLC ( Christian worship music resources for children and adults.

Getting Around
My web site has 94 pages. Large blue buttons on the left of each page provide access to the major categories, and are supplemented by other links within each page and your browser's Forward / Back buttons. Clicking the links below will permit direct access to any page. Pages below are grouped according to the normal viewing order for each category.

Cathy's Music LLC: My home page.

Children's & Preschool Christmas Music: Overview page for the following Christian children's & preschool Christmas musical programs:
NEW!  Reimagine Advent: In this Advent program, children use puppets, skits, poems & songs to prepare for the season of Advent as they place the candles of hope, peace, joy & love in the Advent wreath.
Christmas in Our Jammies: Preschoolers (ages 3-7) tell the Christmas story in their pajamas & use night lights to celebrate the light that Jesus' birth brings to their lives.
Christmas in the Kitchen: Preschoolers (ages 3-7) make cookies to give to the characters in the Christmas story.
Say "Cheese" for Christmas: Preschoolers (ages 3-7) pose for Mary & Joseph's photos of their trip to Bethlehem.

A Bunch of Gifts for Christmas: Preschoolers (ages 3-7) listen to clues and find boxes that teach them about God's many gifts to us at Christmas.
Lead the Way to Christmas: Preschoolers (ages 3-7) grab on to a rope that leads them (& all of us) through the Christmas story.
Christmas Step-by-Step: Preschoolers (ages 3-7) walk, march, tip-toe, run and whirl & twirl their way through the Christmas story.
Christmas All Around: Preschoolers (ages 3-7) remind us to celebrate the sights and sounds of Christmas that surround us.
Christmas Hide and Seek: Preschoolers (ages 3-7) count to ten and introduce us to everyone in the Christmas story.
Christmas Show & Tell: Preschoolers (ages 3-7) show and tell us the Christmas story.
Someone Has a Birthday: Preschoolers (ages 3-7) plan a birthday party for Jesus.
Let's Dress Up for Christmas: Preschoolers (ages 3-7) get to dress up & tell the Christmas story (rhymes).
Christmas Play by Play: The baseball team is getting ready to meet their new coach & savior at Bethlehem Stadium in this children's Christmas musical play.
Simply Christmas: Alliteration, shepherd's rap & charades help the Christmas characters tell their part of the Christmas story in this children's Christmas program..
Christmas:  We're On the Air: An old-fashioned radio show, complete with a sound effects crew, broadcasts the Christmas story in this children's musical program.
Hold on to Your Hat - It's Christmas!: Angels deliver hats to everyone in the Christmas story & celebrate God with us - Emmanuel - in this children's musical program.
A Piece of Christmas: A piece of fabric weaves its way through the Christmas story in this children's musical program.
Checkin' It Twice: Includes the identical script as The Christmas Checklist, but with contemporary music.  Everyone going to Bethlehem uses a different type of checklist in this children's Christmas musical program.
Christmas Snapshots: Characters step into a giant picture frame and freeze in Christmas poses in this children's Christmas musical program.
Signs of Christmas: Kids search for street and door signs that tell the Christmas story in this children's musical program.
The Big, Big Story: A news crew gets the scoop on a "Big Story" about to take place in Bethlehem in this children's Christmas musical program.
Catch the Christmas Spirit: As it's read, the Christmas story comes to life around the readers in this children's Christmas musical program.
Special Delivery: After several deliveries, a delivery person greets Jesus, God's special delivery in this children's Christmas musical program.
The Christmas Clinic: The staff at the Clinic works the Christmas story into every patient's visit in this children's Christmas musical program.
Get in Line for Christmas: The Bethlehem Corner Market has everything you need to greet the newborn Savior in this children's musical program.
The Christmas Checklist: Includes the identical script as Checkin' It Twice, but with traditional Christmas carols.  Everyone going to Bethlehem uses a different type of checklist in this children's Christmas musical program.
Christmas in a Box: Christmas characters stop by the prop box to pick up what they need to tell us about Jesus' birth in this children's musical program.

Christmas Programs for Senior Citizens gives your seniors a chance to show off their acting and singing skills when they do a Christmas program for their family and friends.
Can Do Christmas Programs:  Cathy offers tips on selecting and organizing your upcoming children's Christmas program.
Christmas Preschool Christmas Preschool & Children's Program Frequently Asked Questions:  Answers to children's choir director's questions about Cathy's Christian Christmas programs for preschoolers and children.
Tips for Doing Music with Children:  Cathy offers children's choir directors, music teachers & volunteers tips on selecting age-appropriate songs for children and adapting familiar songs to keep them fresh. 

Musical Program Script Excerpts: Script excerpts from the plays in all of the Cathy's Christian Christmas, Easter and all-season musicals for preschoolers, children and youth.

Children's Praise & Worship Music: Christian children's song collections & individual praise songs, Christmas & all-season musical programs & worship services for children.
Skit-with-a-Song for Kids: 5-minute skit & song packages give children an opportunity to do a little something special during a worship service.
Preschool Children's Songs & Musicals: Christian preschool song collections, individual praise songs & musicals for Pre-K kids who love to move while they sing.
Tips for Doing Music (Songs) with Preschool Children:  Cathy offers preschool choir directors, music teachers & volunteers tips on selecting age-appropriate Christian songs with motions for their preschoolers to sing.
NEW!  Kids on the Grow: A Christian preschool musical program that celebrates how Pre-K children are getting bigger and learning to do new things AND learning new things about God, too!
We Did It:
A Christian preschool musical program that helps Pre-K children to discover their God-given gifts and then serve God by serving each other.
Thankful Me: A Christian preschool musical program that reminds Pre-K children to say thank you to God and to each other.
It's About Life:
A Christian preschool all-season musical program that's great for Easter.  It celebrates God's gift of life to all of us.
Always Something New: A Christian preschool musical program that recognizes all that your preschoolers have learned and have yet to discover.
Children's Worship Services: Two Christian worship services specifically written for children & their families.
We're Goin' Fishin': A Christian children's musical program for all seasons.  Children pick up pointers on how to fish for people!
Assignment: Life!: A Christian Easter/all-season children's musical for all seasons.  Children celebrate the power of the resurrection and the new life available to them each day.
Are We There Yet?: A Christian all-season children's musical program that affirms that each day we are growing to be the children God wants us to be in the world.
Make Your Own Children's Rhythm Instruments: Sticks, Eggs, Cups, Streamers, Huiro / Rain Sticks: A how-to-make-it page for The Action Pack and Verses You'll Remember children's Christian music collections.
Workshop Rotation Model™  Children's Songs & Lesson Resources: Explains how to use each Christian children's song in The Action Pack in a multi-dimensional learning curriculum in the classroom.

Contemporary Praise & Worship Music for your Congregation: Links to the following Christian congregational worship services and individual congregational worship songs.
Evening Grace: A Christian contemplative evening worship service that reminds us of God's grace.
Meditations of the Heart: We search our hearts as we come to know the heart of God in this Christian worship service.
Meditations on the Mountains: An invitation to worship God who is our help and refuge in this Christian worship service.
I Am, Here I Am: A Christian worship service that reminds us of the "I Am"'s of God and Christ, and invites us to respond.
Sing a New Song: A Christian worship service of confession and celebration.
Children's Worship Services: Two Christian worship services specifically written for children & their families.

Youth Musical: Takin' It Through the Day: A Christian youth musical about teenagers in a youth group who take on the challenge of memorizing a few Bible verses and putting them into practice.

About Me: A few words about who I am and why I compose music.

Sample Music Score: Shows the professional notation (Finale™) used for all of my music.

Cathy's Music List: This overview page has links to pages that include brief descriptions, sound samples in MP3 format, and pricing for of ALL my songs - over 300!
Children's Christmas Musical Programs & Plays List : 15 Christian children's Christmas musical programs and 1 Advent program for children's choirs that include preschool through 6th-grade children
Preschool Christmas Musicals List:
11 Christian preschool Christmas musical programs for children ages 3-7
PreK, Children's & Youth Musicals List - All-season & Easter : 9 Christian children's musical programs and 1 youth musical that can be used at any time of the year - We Did It (pre-K), Thankful Me (pre-K), It's About Life (pre-K - Easter or all-season), Always Something New (pre-K), Kids on the Grow (pre-K), Are We There Yet? (elementary-age children), Assignment: Life! (elementary-age children - Easter or all-season), We're Goin' Fishin' (elementary-age children) and Takin' It Through the Day (middle school/high school youth).
Congregational Praise & Worship Music List: Christian worship services and many individual songs for congregational worship.
Preschool & Children's Songs Music List: Christian worship services for children and their families, children's and preschool collections and many individual songs for children of all ages.
Ordering Information: Step-by-step instructions for PayPal on-line orders OR mail-in orders OR phone orders.  NOTE:  All international orders must order via PayPal.
Order Form: This form can be printed and mailed (domestic orders only), and it also shows information that's needed for PayPal and phone orders.
Priority Mail Shipping Rates: Priority mail shipping rates for US domestic orders and instructions for international orders & shipping via the United State Postal Service.
State of Minnesota "ST3" Tax-Exempt Form:  MN tax-exempt organizations must supply a tax-exempt form that is signed and dated for Cathy to have on file.  A 6.875 per cent sales tax will be applied to all Minnesota orders that are not tax exempt or do not provide a signed ST3 form.

Site Information: A list of all of the pages you will find at Cathy's Music LLC along with a summary of each page. You are here!

Songs of the Month: Christian praise/worship songs for adults and children that have been featured with complete lyrics and sound files.
Worship Songs of the Month Archive: A directory of featured Songs of the Month.
November Worship Songs: Features Be Still and Sing Glory.
October Worship Songs: Features Trust Me and Everybody Counts.
September Worship Songs: Features Remember Me and Called To Be Children of God.
August Worship Songs: Features Stir Us, Lord and Hallelujah, Come and Sing.
July Worship Songs
: Features What Can We Give and Come On and Say Yes.
June Worship Songs: Features I Am Who I Am and When I Wiggle.
May Worship Songs: Features Lord, Listen to Our Prayer and We're Goin' Fishin'.
April Worship Songs: Features Create in Me - II and We Pray in Many Ways.
March Worship Songs: Features Christ, Hope for the World and You Never Know.
February Worship Songs: Features Bread of Life and God is Gonna Work it All Out.
January Worship Songs: Features Holy Spirit, Meet Us and Jesus, Teach Us to Pray.
December Worship Songs: Features Who Do People Say I Am and Seed in Your Heart.
November Worship Songs: Features Shine On and God With Us, Emmanuel.
October Worship Songs: Features Walk With Us and Delight Yourself.
September Worship Songs: Features Keep Your Eyes and Come and Take the Water of Life.
August Worship Songs: Features There's a Light and Giddy-up and Go.
July Worship Songs: Features I Lift Up My Eyes Unto the Hills and Trust in Jesus.
June Worship Songs: Features Come, Break the Bread and Paddlin' On.
May Worship Songs: Features Precious, Holy Counsel and God Watches.
April Worship Songs: Features Making Christ Known and Anyplace Can Be a Place of Prayer.
March Worship Songs: Features Still, Small Voice and Help Wanted.
February Worship Songs: Features Sing Your Praises, Hosanna, Sing Hosanna to Jesus.
January Worship Songs: Features River of Life and Splash Around in God's Love.

Keyboard Accompaniment CD's
Keyboard CD's (no vocals) are available for all musical programs (15 children's Christmas musicals, 11 pre-K Christmas musicals and 9 all-season musicals for preschoolers, children and teenagers) - plus CD's for 7 preschool and children's music collections. These CD's may be used for performances & rehearsals if no accompanist is available.

MP3s & Custom CDs
MP3s are available for many of my preschool & children's songs.  These MP3s give you the option to purchase sheet music & MP3s for individual songs.  You can also build your own custom CD . . . pick out the songs you like best, and I will put a CD together for you.  If a song on the music list has been recorded as part of a medley, it will not have an MP3 available and will be noted on the music list.

Other Plans

My goal is to be a resource and while I can't follow through on every request, I welcome your ideas!

Website Technical Information
My web site is best viewed using a display resolution of 800x600 pixels. Most pages should load in less than 20 seconds if you have a 28.8Kbps or faster modem, and should print out OK on most printers. Comments about any aspect of this site would be VERY appreciated! You can e-mail me at .

Mailing List / Privacy Policy
Everyone who orders from me and provides their e-mail address & mailing address is automatically on my mailing list.  I use e-mail to update customers on new releases, new web pages & Preschool and Children's songs and musicals that are available.  If you aren't interested in e-mail updates, click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the e-mail or e-mail and let me know that you are not interested in e-mail updates. 
My Privacy Policy is available on my Ordering Information page.

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