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"You never just 'sing' these songs . . . this children's praise and worship music was designed for movement, memorization and fun! Even your non-singers will want to part of the 'action'!"


Researchers are discovering that children learn best when exposed to a variety of teaching & learning styles. Setting Christian concepts and Bible verses to music helps children to process, store and recall what they have learned. The church and classroom may now offer hands-on music experiences that help their kids learn, memorize, and apply God's Word to their lives. This music collection was created with multiple intelligences and multi-dimensional learning in mind!

Children singing a song with rhythmic passing.

The Action Pack - a children's song collection designed to incorporate rhythms and rhythmic passing.

The Action Pack ($35 + shipping) includes sheet music (piano score with guitar chords, actions & sign language) in a 3-ring binder, a CD with separate vocal/keyboard and keyboard-only tracks, plus permission to make transparencies, lyric sheets & copies of music for teachers/directors & accompanists. (See the Instructions page for trying rhythmic passing and details on making streamer sticks, guiro / rain sticks, and rhythm sticks & eggs.) 

Click here to order or listen to short samples of the children's songs in The Action Pack.

You may use this children's music collection (or many of my individual children's & preschool songs) for opening worship OR have your "traveling musicians" bring the music into every classroom.

Ideas for incorporating The Action Pack children's songs into your classroom or the Workshop Rotation Model:

Pass the Love - In this song, children will stand and then sit every time they sing the word "PASS" OR form circle groups and pass plastic cups on the word "PASS". Invite your kids talk about what they can do to pass/share the love that God has given them with other people. Write new verses for the song and sing it again.

A child helping out with a skit!

Do What's Right - Learn the hand rhythms for this children's song OR form small circle groups and pass plastic cups on the word "RIGHT". (You can also make PVC rhythm sticks to pass.)  Invite your children to create skits that affirm doing the right thing in situations that come up at school, church, the park, home, etc. Sing the song again.

Never, Ever Changes - Teach the claps OR form small circle groups of children and pass plastic cups on all of the "C" words in the song.  Invite small circle groups of children to create skits that show that Jesus' love for people in the New Testament is the same love we experience today (showing kindness to sick people, welcoming the children, spending time with people who don't have many friends, forgiving people, etc.) Sing the song again.

Jesus, We Will Sing & Sing for Joy - Sing these children's songs, add the claps, rhythm options or passing options. Make PVC rhythm sticks to use with the songs OR invite the kids to write new verses for the songs OR allow time for children to draw pictures of blessings in their lives that are worth singing about. Sing the song again.

Let the Spirit Lead - Make PVC rhythm sticks and use the rhythm sticks with this children's song. Invite the children to take time to think, journal and pray about where God's Spirit is calling them to serve this week. Sing the song again.

Part of the Family - Sing the refrain of this children's song while passing rhythm eggs and then invite the children to do a puppet show/skit that reminds them of all the "families" that they are a part of (their family at home, their classroom "family", their Boy Scout "family", their church "family", their neighborhood "family", their soccer team "family", their choir "family", etc.) and their "jobs" in those "families". Encourage the children to create a cheer for each family. Sing this song's refrain after each cheer.

Children singing songs from Cathy's Music.

You'll Find It - Sing a verse of this children's song while passing rhythm eggs and stop for a Bible search. Pair the kids off with a partner and pass out a Bible to each pair. Encourage each pair to locate the 10 commandments (Exodus 20), verses about worry (Philippians 4:6 or Matthew 6:31-33), verses about forgiveness (Matthew 6:12-14) verses about neighbors (Luke 10:36-37) and verses about "everything . . . it's there and even more" (hair - Matthew 10:30, how to be first - Matthew 20:27, being afraid - Hebrews 13:6, listening - James 1:19, what love is - I Corinthians 13:4-7 . . . use a concordance and look up verses on any word that the kids bring up). Sing the song again.

Trust Me - Learn the sign language for the refrain of this children's song. Pair kids up with a partner. Blind-fold one person and have the other person be the guide for a "trust walk" through an obstacle course in the room or around the church. At the end of the trust walk, have the children switch roles and do the trust walk again. Talk about what it was like to be blind-folded and why it is important to listen to and trust your guide. Is it hard to trust God? Why/why not? Sing song again.

Splash Around - Do this children's song with claps, jumps and swims. Pass out 6-10 balloons or beach balls. CHALLENGE: Encourage the children to try and keep the balloons or beach balls in the air until the song ends. Just like it takes all of us working together to keep the balloons or beach balls in the air, it takes all of us working together to share the love & peace & joy that God has "splashed" on us. Sing the song again.

Click here to read through the lyrics and listen to a short sample of children's/preschool songs that have been featured on Cathy's Music.

For a $35 children's collection of Bible verses that have been set to music and/or a beat,
check out Verses You'll Remember  or More Verses You'll Remember.

For a $35 collection of children's songs celebrating the promises of God,
read all about Each and Every Day.

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