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Cathy's Music in Arden Hills, MN has Christian music for children of all ages!  Songs are written in a variety of musical styles and accessible singing ranges. 
Cathy's Music offers music resources for worship leaders, Christian music teachers & children's choir directors.  Music resources include:
 preschool songs,
kid-friendly children's music,
Pre-K and children's Christmas programs & spring musicals,

a youth musical,
worship services and more!
Cathy's preschool and children's songs include lots of movement, rhythm, hand jives and sign language.  These "extras" aid in inviting all of your children to participate in the music, even if they aren't very excited about singing!

Cathy's music for Pre-K children includes lots of movement. 
Her songs teach preschoolers
about being God's children.

Cathy's Music - Preschool Songs Arden Hills, MN

Purchase preschool musicals, sheet music for individual Pre-K songs,
 try Something to Hold on To or Just For Us ,
Cathy's preschool collections with ten songs and a CD.

Cathy's Music - Preschool Christmas programs Arden Hills, MN

Christmas Musicals are available for children of all ages . . .
Feature your preschoolers in their own Christmas program
pick a children's Christmas program written to include preschool-6th graders together.
Musical programs include simple speaking parts and kid-friendly music packed with
motions, hand rhythms & sign language.
Order sheet music & MP3s for individual Pre-K and children's Christmas songs,
 purchase a Christmas script,
or get the whole musical package!

Click here for Can-Do Christmas Program tips for anyone helping with the Christmas program.

Cathy's Music - Children's Christmas Programs Arden Hills, MN.

From 50's to blues and country to rock, Cathy's Children's Praise and Worship Songs help children learn & sing about the
promises of God and the stories of God's people.

Skit-With-a-Song for Kids gives children a chance to be worship leaders
as they lead a short skit during worship.

Cathy's Music - Children's Songs Arden Hills, MN

Purchase children's musicals, sheet music for individual children's songs,
 try a children's music collection that includes ten songs and a CD:
 Each and Every Day or The Action Pack or A Lot to Sing About or Verses You'll Remember or More Verses You'll Remember .

Cathy's Music - Children's Musicals Arden Hills, MN

Preschool Easter & all-season programs,

Children's Easter & all-season musical programs
a youth musical .(for middle-school and high school-age kids).
Cathy's musicals take a look at what the Bible has to say about how we live our lives as children of God. 
Each musical includes kid-friendly songs with motions, hand rhythms & sign language
plus scripts with simple speaking parts.

Cathy's Music - Youth Musical Arden Hills, MN

Children's Worship Services, Worship Songs and Services for the whole congregation, instructions for making rhythm sticks, rhythm eggs, streamer sticks, & huiro / rain sticks, plus ideas on how to teach entire lessons around the songs you teach your children . . . . you'll find it all here at Cathy's Music.

And there's even a little something for your seniors!
Select a children's Christmas program that your senior citizens can do as a play for their family & friends.
Christmas Programs for Senior Citizens - showcase your senior citizens and their ability to act and sing!

Cathy's Music - Senior Christmas Program Arden Hills, MN

Read through script excerpts. Listen to sound samples of each song on the music list. Mail an order form or order on-line (PayPal is now handling credit card payments for all on-line orders . . . . you can also e-mail Cathy your phone number and she will call to get your credit card information over the phone). Included in the purchase price of all musicals is permission to make as many copies as you need . . .  that includes scripts, MP3s, CDs & lyric sheets to send home with your kids and sheet music for your directors & accompanists.

Please note that all sales are final - no refunds or exchanges.
If you have any questions or would like me to teach a children's music workshop in your area, e-mail me at


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