Christmas Hide and Seek

A simple Christian Christmas musical program for Pre-K children (3 to 7 years-old).

This musical includes an original narrated script plus 6 Christmas songs for preschoolers.
Songs include free instructions for motions and sign language.
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1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 . . . . Ready or not, here we come!
  Join your preschoolers in a game of Christmas Hide and Seek. Every time the Pre-K children count to ten, they will meet someone new in the Christmas story . . . the animals are hiding in the barn where Mary and Joseph are staying . . . . the shepherds are playing hide and seek with their sheep on a Bethlehem hillside . . . . and the wisemen are bringing their gifts out of hiding to show you what they plan to give to Jesus.  Christmas Hide and Seek is a program designed to help your preschoolers tell others about the good news of the birth of a Savior!

Christmas Hide and Seek
1) an original narrated script (10 - 25 of your preschoolers get to act, but they don't have to say any lines), prop list and staging,
2) 6 Christmas songs for preschoolers that are full of motions, sign language and jingle bells / rhythm eggs,
3) piano score with guitar chords,
4) a vocal CD (a recording of Cathy singing the full version of each song).
Program performance time: 20 minutes.

Preschoolers in the Christmas musical, Christmas Hide & Seek.

Click here to read a script excerpt from the Christmas Hide & Seek play.

Click here to listen to short samples of the songs in the preschool musical, Christmas Hide and Seek.


Preschool angel singing Christmas songs.

Purchase of this preschool Christmas musical play ($40 plus shipping) grants you permission to make as many copies of the sheet music, lyric sheet, script and MP3s/CDs as you need for your performance.
Purchase this musical in digital format and everything will be e-mailed.  You print everything and create your own MP3 playlist.
Purchase a paper copy of this musical with a CD and Cathy will send the musical and listening CD via priority mail.

Cathy will e-mail your script (MSWord format) so you can add your actor's names and edit the script as needed.  All you have to do is ask!

Preschool girls in the Christmas music program.

A keyboard-only accompaniment CD
(no vocals) is also available for $20 plus shipping.
Prefer digital format for your accompaniment tracks? 
MP3s are available for $3 per song and can be e-mailed.  No shipping charge!
Accompaniment tracks (MP3s or CDs) come in handy when your piano player isn't available or when you need to free up your hands to teach motions or sign language to your preschool children.  These accompaniment tracks may also be used for your performance - it's like hiring a piano player who plays the music the same way every time!

To preview this preschool Christmas musical program,
the full script and the vocal CD (a recording of Cathy singing the full version of each song) are available for $10 plus shipping.   The preview package does not include permission to perform the script or any of the songs in the musical. 

If you would like to use the 10-12 minute script as your play and insert your own preschool Christmas songs, the purchase price of the performance rights for the script is $20.  This script includes a narrated script so 10 - 25 of your preschoolers get to act, but don't have to say any lines, a prop list and staging.  The script can be sent via e-mail to save shipping charges.

If you already have a script and you prefer to purchase individual songs from Cathy's preschool Christmas musicals, you have the following options:
      1.   Purchase sheet music.  Sheet music ($4 per song) includes piano score, guitar chords and motions.  Sheet music can be e-mailed (PDF format) OR printed and mailed.
      2.   Purchase an MP3 to go along with your sheet music.  MP3s ($3 per song) include two tracks for each song:  a vocal track of Cathy singing the song and a keyboard-only track with no vocals.  MP3's are e-mailed.
      3.   Purchase a Custom CD to go along with your sheet music.  There is a $10 labor charge for each custom CD plus the cost of each song that you purchase.  Custom CDs include both a vocal track of Cathy singing the song and a keyboard-only track with no vocals.  (Example:  Custom CD with 2 songs = $10 labor charge + $3 for Song #1 + $3 for Song #2.  CUSTOM CD with 2 SONGS TOTAL =  $16.)  Custom CDs are shipped via priority mail.

Have questions? 
Go to Christmas Preschool & Children's Program Frequently Asked Questions for answers to children's choir director's questions about Cathy's Christmas programs.

Click here for Can-Do Christmas Program tips for anyone helping with the Christmas program.

All orders must be prepaid.  There are 3 ways to order:
1)  Mail Cathy's printable
order form with a check to: Cathy's Music LLC, 1923 Noble Road, Arden Hills, MN  55112.  $20 fee for returned checks.
2)  Use your PayPal account.  E-mail your order & mailing address to Cathy ( and she will send you a PayPal invoice.  As soon as your PayPal invoice is paid, she will put your order in the mail.
3)  Pay with a credit card over the phone.  E-mail Cathy your phone number ( and she will call to take your order and credit card information over the phone.

All orders are shipped via priority mail. Overnight shipping rates are available for U.S. orders upon request. 
All international orders must be placed via e-mail and paid through PayPal.  NOTE:  There will be a $5 currency conversion charge on all international orders.

Please note that all sales are final - no refunds or exchanges.

Click here to order or listen to short samples of the preschool songs in Christmas Hide and Seek.

"Your preschool Christmas musicals are such a hit!  This is our second year using them and they were both just wonderful - just right for our preschool group.  With thanks . . . " 

 Tami D., First Baptist Church

"The songs from 'Christmas Hide & Seek' are being heard throughout our classrooms!  Thanks for composing such fantastic songs for preschoolers."
Kathi W., St. Andrew Early Learning

"Thanks for putting these 'ready to use' plays out there.  They work great!"

Pattie., Parkway Wesleyan Preschool

"We used 'Christmas Hide & Seek' last year and it was great!  It was easy for the teachers to use, fun for the kids and the parents loved it."

Lorraine J., The Grace Place Preschool

"The Little Preschool Academy performed 'Christmas Hide & Seek' tonight and the parents loved it!  The children did fantastic and they all looked soooo cute.  Thank you."

Angie C., Little Preschool Academy

"I used your wonderful material and it was a great experience.  We had a very short time to put it together but your music was very nice and easy to learn.  The children and parents loved it.  Thank you for the valuable service you provide at such a reasonable price."

Debbie M., Temple Baptist Academy

"I get compliments every year on your programs and I always look forward to reading your newest script.  Your scripts stick to the Bible story and let the kids dress up as shepherds, angels and the rest of the nativity.  Keep up the good work!  Your musicals are perfect for our little church!!"

Missy A., First Lutheran Church

"I've been teaching preschool music for five years and I LOVE YOUR SONGS!"

Sue W., Asbury United Methodist Church

"Just a note to tell you that your program was a smash and the parents enjoyed it tremendously.  The songs were easy to learn quickly and the children loved them.  Thanks so much!"

Marcie S., Faith Works Preschool

"Your work is absolutely wonderful!  I receive such high praises every time I have used one of your programs so I'm back for another one this year!"

Jaime S., New Hope Baptist Church

"We always receive such a great response when we perform one of your musicals and we know we won't be disappointed this year!  Thanks so much!"

Jody M., Trinity Lutheran Church

"'Christmas Hide & Seek' is great!  Thanks for making great programs for us to use."

Sharon M., Immanuel Lutheran Preschool

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