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A Country Kind of Christmas

20-Minute Musical
Item #2010a – Digital format
Item #2010b – Paper copy

A Country Kind of Christmas is a delightful Pre-K Christmas musical program that includes a narrated play & 6 preschool Christmas songs.

A Country Kind of Christmas lets your preschoolers tell the Christmas story in a “country-kind of way” with hats and bandanas and “Ya’ll come”‘s.  Everyone, from the animals in the barn to the shepherds in the field will be welcome to come and meet the newborn savior in the manger and celebrate God’s gift to the world – Jesus! 

The following songs are included in this musical:

Click here to read an excerpt from this play.

A Country Kind of Christmas includes:
1) narrated play (15-25 of your pre-K children dress up and do the acting as a narrator reads the story), prop list and staging,
6 preschool Christmas songs that are packed with lots of motions, sign language & claps,
3)  piano score with guitar chords,
4)  vocal MP3s so you can create your own playlist or CD OR a listening CD (you get to choose digital or hard copy). Program performance time: 20 minutes.

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Purchase of this preschool musical grants you permission to make as many copies of the sheet music, lyric sheet, script and MP3s/CDs as you need for your performance.

2010a – 20-minute musical – Digital format
2010b – 20-minute musical – Paper copy
Purchase this musical in digital format and everything will be e-mailed.  You print PDFs of the sheet music & play and create your own MP3 playlist.
Purchase a paper copy of this musical with a CD and Cathy will send the musical’s sheet music and play plus listening CD via priority mail. Plan on making a few changes to the script and adding the actor’s names?  Let Cathy save you some time!  She will e-mail the script for the play (MSWord format).  All you have to do is ask!



Item #2011a – MP3 accompaniment tracks for 20-minute program
Item #2011b – Accompaniment tracks on CD for 20-minute program
Accompaniment tracks (MP3s or CDs) come in handy when your piano player isn’t available or when you need to free up your hands to teach motions or sign language to your preschool children.  These accompaniment tracks may also be used for your performance – it’s like hiring a piano player who plays the music the same way every time!
Purchase a keyboard-only accompaniment CD (no vocals).  If you prefer digital format for your accompaniment tracks, MP3s can be e-mailed.



Item #2012 – Preview package
To preview this preschool Christmas program, purchase a preview package that includes the full script and the listening CD (a vocal recording of the full version of each song).   The preview package does not include permission to perform the script or any of the songs in the musical.



Item #2013 – Script only
If you would like to use the 8-10 minute script as your play and insert your own preschool Christmas songs, you may purchase the performance rights for the script.  This script for the play includes a narrator and acting parts for 15-25 of your preschoolers, prop list and staging.  The script can be sent via e-mail to save shipping charges.


If you already have a script and you prefer to purchase individual songs from Cathy’s preschool Christmas musicals, you have the following options:
1.   Purchase sheet music.  Sheet music includes piano score, guitar chords and motions.  Sheet music can be e-mailed (PDF format) OR printed and mailed.
2.   Purchase an MP3 to go along with your sheet music.  MP3s include two tracks for each song:  a vocal track and a keyboard-only accompaniment track with no vocals.  MP3’s are e-mailed.
3.   Purchase a Custom CD to go along with your sheet music.  There is a $10 labor charge for each custom CD plus the cost of each song that you purchase.  Custom CDs include both a vocal track of the song and a keyboard-only track with no vocals.  Custom CDs are shipped via priority mail.

Please note that all sales are final – no refunds or exchanges.