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Feel free to contact me with questions or comments about any of the contemporary Christian music available from Cathy's Music.
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A children's music composer with a passion for setting the promises of God and the stories of God's people to music
and then "spicing" up her kid-friendly children's songs with motions, sign language & hand rhythms.

I'm a farm girl who took piano lessons as a kid and taught myself to play guitar in junior high (actually, I ordered a book, "Learn How to Play Guitar in 7 Days or Your Money Back", and it worked!). My first love is the piano, but the guitar is much more portable!

I started composing Christian children's songs to address two specific needs in our church: children's Christmas programs and contemporary music for worship. I've been writing ever since - worship services for children and adults, a youth musical, children's and preschool Christmas programs, end-of-the-year musicals, Easter musicals and more!

I continue to write songs because I see a need for scripture-based music that is vocally and instrumentally accessible to people of all ages.

God continues to have the best ideas.  My job as a composer is to get those ideas down on paper!                  Cathy


A picture of Cathy Skogen-Soldner and the children who sing her music.

I love to teach the following workshops:
. . . . Music Designed With the Non-Singer in Mind - Ideas on incorporating rhythm, motion, rhythmic passing & sign language into children's music so your non-singers will want to join in.
. . . . Do We Have to Do a Christmas Program? - Lots of script, music, prop & costume ideas for your next children's Christmas program.
. . . . Designing Kid-Friendly Worship - Ideas for making every part of a worship service kid & family-friendly.
. . . . Wiggly Music for Preschoolers - Preschoolers are going to wiggle anyway, so why not pick music that encourages your preschoolers to move!?
. . . . Short and Sweet Preschool Programs - Preschool Christmas and all-season program ideas that are perfectly designed for your smallest actors & singers. 
Contact me if you'd like me to teach a children's music workshop in your area.

Theme Songs & Special Requests
I continue to work with publishers, churches & Christian schools of all sizes.  Upon request, I've written theme songs for church anniversaries and celebrations, mission events, stewardship themes, conventions, Bible camps, Vacation Bible School, and Sunday school.  As choir directors, music teachers and volunteers, your comments and creative ideas are always welcome.


Cathy's Music LLC - Kid-friendly Christian songs that make a director's job easy!

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