Christmas in Our Jammies

A preschool (Pre-K) Christian Christmas music program written for 3-7 year old children.

This musical features a narrated script with finger plays and 6 preschool Christmas songs.
Songs include free instructions for motions and sign language.
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Children in Christmas pajamas

Shoot digital pictures of your preschoolers for a
Christmas in Our Jammies
slide show
(that means no costumes the day of the Christmas program . . .
all that your preschool children have to do, is sing!)
let your preschoolers pose for live snapshots during the show.

What's the most comfortable way for preschoolers to tell us the Christmas story?  In their pajamas!

At the end of the day when children have had a snack and brushed their teeth, they look forward to someone reading them a bedtime story.
Christmas in Our Jammies gives preschool children a chance to tell us big people a bedtime story . . . the Christmas story!  
Christmas in Our Jammies
. . . . . the animals who made room-dee-doom for the baby Jesus in their barn,
. . . . . Mary's lullaby - an itty-bitty song for her itty-bitty baby,
. . . . . jingle bells, so your children can help the shepherds celebrate the good news of God's gift of a savior to the world,
. . . . . the promise that God is here with us - from the moment we hop out of bed until we turn out the light,
. . . . . night lights, so your preschoolers can sing about the light in their lives - JESUS!

I'm tellin', tellin', tellin' all of you good news.
So listen, listen, listen up and don't you snooze.

Click here to listen to short samples of the preschool songs in the musical, Christmas in Our Jammies.

Click here to read a script excerpt from the play.

Christmas in Our Jammies
1)  a narrated script with 3 finger plays along with 21 pictures that you take of your preschoolers (you can add more snapshots if you have a lot of preschool children in your group), prop list and staging,
2)  6 preschool Christmas songs that are full of motions, claps, jingle bells, cheers, and sign language,
3)  piano score with guitar chords,
4)  a vocal CD (a recording of Cathy singing the full version of each song).
Program performance time: 20 minutes.

Purchase of this preschool Christmas musical ($40 plus shipping) grants you permission to make as many copies of the sheet music, lyric sheet, script and MP3s/CDs as you need for your performance.
Purchase this musical in digital format and everything will be e-mailed.  You print everything and create your own MP3 playlist.
Purchase a paper copy of this musical with a CD and Cathy will send the musical and listening CD via priority mail.

Cathy will e-mail your script (MSWord format) so you can add your actor's names and edit the script as needed.  All you have to do is ask!

A keyboard-only accompaniment CD
(no vocals) is also available for $20 plus shipping,
Prefer digital format for your accompaniment tracks? 
MP3s are available for $3 per song and can be e-mailed.  No shipping charge!
Accompaniment tracks (MP3s or CDs) come in handy when your piano player isn't available or when you need to free up your hands to teach motions or sign language to your preschool children.  These accompaniment tracks may also be used for your performance - it's like hiring a piano player who plays the music the same way every time!

To preview this musical preschool Christmas program,
the full script and the vocal CD (a recording of Cathy singing the full version of each song) are available for $10 plus shipping.   The preview package does not include permission to perform the script or any of the songs in the musical. 

If you would like to use the 8-10 minute script
as your play and insert your own preschool Christmas songs, the purchase price of the performance rights for the script is $20.  This script includes an narrated script with 3 finger plays along with 21 pictures that you take of your preschoolers (you can add more snapshots if you have a lot of preschool children in your group), prop list and staging.  The script can be sent via e-mail to save shipping charges.

Preschoolers in Christmas PJs

If you already have a script and you prefer to purchase individual songs from Cathy's preschool Christmas musicals, you have the following options:
      1.   Purchase sheet music.  Sheet music ($4 per song) includes piano score, guitar chords and motions.  Sheet music can be e-mailed (PDF format) OR printed and mailed.
      2.   Purchase an MP3 to go along with your sheet music.  MP3s ($3 per song) include two tracks for each song:  a vocal track of Cathy singing the song and a keyboard-only track with no vocals.  MP3's are e-mailed.
      3.   Purchase a Custom CD to go along with your sheet music.  There is a $10 labor charge for each custom CD plus the cost of each song that you purchase.  Custom CDs include both a vocal track of Cathy singing the song and a keyboard-only track with no vocals.  (Example:  Custom CD with 2 songs = $10 labor charge + $3 for Song #1 + $3 for Song #2.  CUSTOM CD with 2 SONGS TOTAL =  $16.)  Custom CDs are shipped via priority mail.

Have questions? 
Go to Christmas Preschool & Children's Program Frequently Asked Questions for answers to children's choir director's questions about Cathy's Christmas programs.

Click here for Can-Do Christmas Program tips for anyone helping with the Christmas program.

All orders must be prepaid.  There are 3 ways to order:
1)  Mail Cathy's printable
order form with a check to: Cathy's Music LLC, 1923 Noble Road, Arden Hills, MN  55112.  $20 fee for returned checks.
2)  Use your PayPal account.  E-mail your order & mailing address to Cathy ( and she will send you a PayPal invoice.  As soon as your PayPal invoice is paid, she will put your order in the mail.
3)  Pay with a credit card over the phone.  E-mail Cathy your phone number ( and she will call to take your order and credit card information over the phone.

All orders are shipped via priority mail. Overnight shipping rates are available for U.S. orders upon request. 
All international orders must be placed via e-mail and paid through PayPal.  NOTE:  There will be a $5 currency conversion charge on all international orders.

Please note that all sales are final - no refunds or exchanges.

Click here to order or listen to short samples of the songs in the program, Christmas in Our Jammies.

"I'm back again after a really successful 'Christmas in Our Jammies' program.  The children, teachers and families REALLY enjoyed the children doing this one.  The sanctuary was packed.  I think your musicals, which are simple and fun for the children, have captured and enamored the families and have become something that is not to be missed.  We also now have many church members attending the performances who do not have children or grand-children in our Child Development Center.  Kudos to you!"
Rev. Dr. Gerry, Hatcher Memorial Baptist Church

"'Christmas in Our Jammies' was perfect for our kids.  The program gave us a creative way to tell the Christmas story.  The songs were simple and easy for our 4-year-olds to learn.  And the entire musical was fun for the parents to watch.  Thank you for writing!"
Kelli D., Grace Lutheran Child Development Center

"We always do a Christams pajama day during December.  The kids donate a new pair of pajamas for kids in homeless shelters and we give a Christmas book to go with each one.  This year we'll do it as part of our 'Christmas in Our Jammies' program.  Thanks for providing such wonderful music for our little one."
Cori B., Oak Lawn United Methodist Day School

"I love the idea of photographs!  The kids will love to see themselves on the big screen in their pajamas.  So clever!  Thanks for your artistic creativity."

Tanya H., United Methodist Church

"Just want you to know how much we LOVED 'Christmas in Our Jammies'!!!!  We have 69 four and five-year-olds and 'no costumes the night of the play' caught our eye.  We had so many compliments from parents and grandparents.  I think the thing that made it so successful was that the children loved singing the songs together, they had fun doing it AND we weren't dragging them into place and telling them the lines they had to say.  Everyone had an equal part and it was very age-appropriate.  They loved seeing themselves in the pictures up on the screen, too.  Thanks so much."
 Pam W., Cathedral Preschool

"We used one of your programs last year and the children loved it.  The congregation also had nothing but praise for the performance.  As a retired public school music teacher for 42 years, I am always looking for age-appropriate 'catchy' programs that our Sunday School can use.  Your programs fill our needs."

Mary T., United Methodist Church

"What does one say?  The kids were darling in 'Christmas in Our Jammies'!  They sing, they move, they participate!  Wow!  Thank you so much for all of your work - your writing of the material, your planning of the performance, and all the time it must take to put the package together!"
Jody L., St. Timothy Lutheran Church

"Last year I led the preschoolers at a local Christian school as they performed 'Christmas in Our Jammies'.  The kids, teachers, and administration of the school all loved the program so much that they asked me to order another program from you for this year!"
Lois O'Brien, Heartland Christian School

"Thank you for making such creative and age-appropriate songs and stories for us to tell!"
Julie A., Sheridan Lutheran Church

"Just wanted you to know that we did 'Christmas in Our Jammies' last nite.  We had 103 preschoolers from ages 3-5 up on the stage.  We used your suggestion of doing the scenes as screen shots and it made it so much easier than having the manger scene to deal with.  Great idea!  The parents loved it!  You are truly gifted!"
Bonnie T., Stockdale Christian Preschool

"The kids loved the music in 'Christmas in Our Jammies'.  It was a big hit!"
Dinah O., Emanuel United Methodist Church

"We just performed 'Christmas in Our Jammies' this morning and it was another success!  This is our 4th year using your musicals.  They are simple and cute.  You are SO talented.  Our church family and kids always love your songs.  Thank you for sharing your musicals."
Tanya H., First United Methodist Church

"I ordered a program last year for our preschool program.  All the teachers and parents loved it!!  So, I am back to order more for this year.  Your songs are so age-appropriate  - a perfect vocal range and amount of lyrics.  Thanks from all of us!"
Gretchen A., First Lutheran Preschool


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